Dear Customers and Family Members, it is great privilege to have you as our esteem customer and Family Member of This great revolutionary concept of My Family Biz.

My Family Biz is the world's first Consumer To Consumer (C2C) module operating on Direct Selling operations to Enrich and Empower Women through simple process of Preparing and serving the Family with best in Quality, Tasty, Healthy and Safe Food and Nutritional Products.

Join the Revolution to get Enrich Your Life and Others too.
How many times have you been praised for the meals you cook up and you think to yourself: “If only I could make a business from doing this...”?
Or you may enjoy creating mouth-watering meals in your own kitchen, but never realized the potential to start a food business with the very items you make daily.
That’s how Sri Family Enterprises promoted by Mrs Lalitha Rao Sahib hit upon the idea to empower women by making them channel their multi-tasking abilities towards not just looking after their family but running a business and making a profit from doing it too.
This simple yet ingenious Consumer to Consumer (C2C) business module is called My Family Biz.
It involves minimal risk and is a great way to enter the world of business. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to work how you want, when you want. And all from home.
If you are a homemaker or housewife –
My Family Biz helps you to avail of the opportunity to earn from the food you prepare for the family and build your social network.
If you are a working woman –
My family Biz aims to enhance your income and increases your contacts.
If you are self employed –
My Family Biz adds to your income and helps you build wider contacts to enhance your current business.
If you are a student –
My Family Biz gives you the opportunity to earn pocket money and start saving for your higher educational needs.
Example B: A member has the following credit to her account:.
Sponsor incentive 1 X Rs. 100.00 = Rs. 100.00.
Profit share earned from the down line on purchase of Rs. 500.00 (MRP Based) by the member = Rs. 500 X 7.5% = Rs. 37.50.
Rs. 100.00 + Rs. 37.50 = Rs. 137.50 x 10% = Rs. 13.75 TDS (in case of PAN holders) = Rs. 123.75 and For Members without PAN the % of TDS will more as per IT Rules will be deducted.
Next month when the Family member purchases Rs. 250.00 worth MRP based products, she avail this credit. Rs. 250.00 – 37.50 (15%) = 212.50 – Rs. 123.75 (Credit amount) Net she will pay Rs. 89.00 only but gets Rs. 250.00 worth products.
Example C: A member who earns over and above Rs. 250.00 credit
If one sponsors 4 Members, she earns Rs. 400.00 as sponsor incentive.
When the down line members purchase Rs. 1000.00 all put together, she earns Rs. 75.00 (Rs. 1000.00 X 7.5%) as 1st level profit share. In this case there is a promotional incentive earned, if earned the same will accounted here.
The total Profit share earned is Rs. 400.00 + Rs. 75.00 = Rs. 475.00. Less TDS Rs. 47.50 (In case of PAN details available or else as per IT rules) = Rs. 427.50. Out of this Rs. 250.00 will be in the members’ credit and Balance of Rs. 177.50 will be transferred to her Bank Account, through NEFT.
In this case Bank Account with IFSC code is compulsory, till we get the bank details (copy of the bank pass book or one cancelled cheque leaf with MIN Details) the amount will be in the members ledgers, which can be carried over, till such time the details are made available to the company.
The amount of Rs. 250.00 credited and laying in her account has to be utilized during following months purchase only CARRY OVER is permitted.
Total Product Satisfaction
My Family Biz assures total product satisfaction in quality, taste and safety. However, in case there is a genuine complaint, 100% money back is guaranteed if reported within 30 days from the date of purchase and with purchase details.
My Family Biz Partners
CRM Solutions: Oracle CRM on Demand Accounting: SAGE ACCPAC.
Service Points are open for all members of My Family Biz in unrepresented areas.
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